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May 31
Devil Kitty

Devil Kitty

Aug 23

Local Folklore Debunked!

Those who are familiar to the area surrounding 17th and O ST in Lincoln are privy to many urban myths involving the Gameroom.  As owner and operator of the Gameroom, I will attempt to clear up any such myths that exist.  This will likely be an on-going list, so I am going to start with only the most prevalent of these tall tales, and make light the ultimate truths behind the exaggerations.

DEVIL KITTY MYTH:  Devil Kitty was the lovechild of the devil himself and the internet sensation “Wall Kitty”  This explains, DK’s taste for luring little children to his side so he can eat them and his ability to magically appear in odd locations such as high shelves, walls, and the occasional elevator shaft.  

THE TRUTH ABOUT DEVIL KITTY:  Devil Kitty is actually grumpy because he was raised by Wario in a deep forest.  He doesn’t just lure children to his side to eat them, he attempts to eat anyone who approaches, although he does crave the attention.  He does however love walls and elevator shafts, they remind him of the later levels of Warios Woods.  For these two reasons, DK has been tagged with a bell, so all will be warned when he is near!

ADAM WIDGER ANCESTRY MYTH:  It has been speculated that Adam may infact be the direct descendant of Link and the Princess Zelda.  This myth was born because of Adams golden flowing locks of hair are similar to Links, and a small rumor that Adam lived in a dungeon under the castle.

THE TRUTH ABOUT ADAM WIDGER:  The truth is that Adam is that his gold flowing locks have nothing to do with Link and Zelda.  He is actually indirectly related to Axel Rose which explains not only his hair, but his ability to play the guitar, and his affliction towards bad vocals.

Furthermore, Adam does not live in a dungeon under the castle.  He lives in a small hut a few screens away.  Brian Brazier however, has infact lived in a castle dungeon (The rent was low, and no one bothered him there)  Brian has since moved to the over-world and we are not sure of his exact residence.

THE CHRIS THOMPSON (ME) MYTH:  As I have heard it (and I am clearly not biased), the word across the lands is that I am revered as the hands down best video game player in the world, and that all who dare to challenge me will be struck down with humility after facing me at any video game and loosing.  It is also rumored that the movie “The Wizard” was based on my childhood.

The Truth About ME:  Although this rumor makes a ton of sense, and does seem to be completely believable, it is untrue.  The reality is that I do enjoy video games greatly, but do not have time to keep up on all of them.  With that said, I do hold the unofficial world championship title in Tetris Attack and Wario’s Woods.  I do challenge all who read this to practice hard and bring their A-Game.  They will be smashed. I will prevail. 

The movie “The Wizard” was not based on me.  However, it is unverified, but the movie Empire Records, was a preemptive attempt to capture the awesomeness of the Gameroom.

As the Gameroom grows in notoriety, it is very likely that more urban myths will pop up and old myths will continue to grow.  We are dedicated to the truth at the GR or Giardia as its known by some folks, so we will continue to let the truth beneath the tales rise to the top.  


The Gameroom is extending store hours.  Effective immediately store hours are 10am-AT LEAST 10pm.  We will lock doors at decline of business.